hottest_new_gadgetsThe new year is in full swing, and it is expected to be a big year for technology. The Internet of Things is moving to the forefront of technology, offering the ability for consumers and businesses to connect and control a wide variety of machines, and even buildings, right from a smart phone or computer.

Connected Homes and Offices
Our buildings will be much smarter in the future as new technology allows us to remotely unlock doors, adjust temperatures and even turn on and off lighting with the tap of a finger on a smart phone. We will also be able to monitor various aspects of buildings such as air quality and humidity, and many of the new gadgets will control energy and water consumption so we can keep an eye on our building costs.

Television Evolution
Businesses have already been the early adopters of the new 4K televisions, although prices have kept them from consumers until now. Those formerly challenging prices are now dropping, and we can expect to see these high-resolution televisions that are currently only found in the conference rooms of businesses make it to the living rooms of consumers.

Connected Cars
In addition to our homes and offices, our cars are also likely to see to innovations that allow better connectivity. Businesses and consumers alike should be able to monitor their fleets or personal vehicles from almost anywhere. This will be especially useful to companies who are in the business of driving, as they will be able to better maintain fleets and keep an eye on how the drivers are doing right from the office.

Energy Management
New appliances and lighting are becoming much more efficient, saving everyone money in the process. On top of that, they offer many new controls for businesses to keep a close watch on property and utility costs allowing, them to run much more efficiently.

This market has been steadily growing despite relatively slow adoption by individuals and business users. However, with the Apple Watch on target for a March release and with other companies working to catch up to the tech giant, you can expect to see many more wearable gadgets in the future.

We have already seen robots in use by many businesses, with Microsoft utilizing security guard robots and Amazon using robots to help fulfill the massive amounts of shipments they send each day. We can expect to see even more in the coming year. Some of the highlights you can look forward to are robots designed to help people in their homes.

Technology as we know it is one of the fastest changing factors ever seen in any business market since business began. The running joke has been that as soon as we buy computers, they are out of date and we need upgrades. Now, it seems, companies all over are looking to bring this same attitude to everyday appliances and even the buildings where we conduct business. These innovations will bring an added convenience to business and people and will usher in yet another phase of our brave new world.

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