mobile-cloud-securityWith the advancement of technology comes a host of new problems that IT leaders must tackle. In the past, IT leaders have had to wrestle with a variety of issues, from what types of computers to buy to how many servers they should use to ensure a strong internal network. Today, times have changed and the evolution of technology has brought many advancements to business networks. However, there are many newer technologies that businesses are beginning to use that keep IT leaders up at night as they worry about how best to implement and maintain them in the coming years.

IT leaders and department heads still struggle over how to properly integrate mobile systems such as smartphones and tablets into their businesses. IT departments want to be sure the mobile technology they choose offers their users meaningful connectivity and functionality while also giving administrators the control they need over the devices to maintain some semblance of order in the company’s technology infrastructure. Many leaders struggle with various policies such as bring-your-own-device or bring-your-own-app policies, as these guidelines often move the technology outside of the watchful eyes of IT and make it much more difficult to control.

The Cloud
Currently there is a big shift to the cloud by both individuals and businesses. While the cloud offers many great features and can often be used at a fraction of the cost of local storage, there are still many concerns for IT leaders when shifting to the cloud. Speed, reliability and security are all top priorities among IT heads everywhere, along with exactly what type of cloud should they implement and how much of the business can they safely migrate while still maintaining a reliable network.

Data breaches are happening on such a regular basis now that many of us don’t even notice the latest one when it makes the news. However, security remains a big concern for IT heads everywhere. No company wants to become the next victim of a big data breach so IT leaders continue to invest both time and money resources to try and shore up the defenses of the networks they are charged with protecting. Unfortunately, these resources are often limited making it difficult for IT to create the web of security they are hoping for to ensure that company data remain safe.

These new technologies and threats have created an interesting environment for IT leaders. Companies are increasingly shifting their IT offsite to other companies and have become increasingly reliant on cloud and mobile based systems. In order to properly implement these systems and ensure they work for and not against the company, IT leaders need resources and people with the skills to handle these new technologies. Many IT heads have said that they don’t have the resources they need, making it difficult for them to serve their company properly and provide users with the IT technologies they expect.

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